A birthday in Portimao – Contentment

A birthday -in Portimao contentment 03 It was a lovely day in Portimao My husband’s birthday The ship was setting sail from the port in Portimao The sky was blue in Portimao My husband an epitome of dark skin My helper , my provider I asked what would he like for his day His contentment in Portimao was unbelievable He did not want a cake in Portimao He did not want me to invite few vacationers we met He was happy to go to the Spa for the day in Portimao He did not want anything extraordinary He is the Chairman to others He is the Otunba and Governor to some He is Daddy Yinka, Daddy Rebekah, Uncle Yinka He is my husband and will continue to be so I am grateful for such a gentleman in Portimao I am delighted for his contentment over the years I am grateful for his blessings to many I am glad to be celebrating his birthday with him today in Portimao Happy Birthday to you my husband in Portimao. 10/05/18
A birthday in Portimao – Contentment

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