A Better World

I FIGHT FOR PEOPLES RIGHTSwhen i see such hurt and devastation in our beautiful cities

 Let’s try and make a better world one filled with love and hope
 How hard is this if we all join hands to learn each other to cope?
 The homeless people with nowhere to go, begging for a penny
 Please passer-by can you spare a little, they just say we haven’t got any

My friends and I don’t have a thing no covers to keep us warm
 No shoulder to cry on when we are down no shelter from the storm
 Please can you help us to be heard and give us back our pride?
 How hard is it to stop for a while and sit here by my side?

To the people who have never wanted for anything at all
 Just look at me and lend a hand and listen when I call
 Come and sit with me and live my life and feel the hurt within
 I wasn’t born to bear this load I never committed a sin

Please lift my spirits and guide me back to a better way of life
 Let’s show the governments of this world a way to end this strife
 No more living from hand to mouth no more begging on the streets
 Let’s help each other to give not take and make our lives complete
©Noreen bailey2015

A Better World

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