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An experimental short film, shot on 16mm, created in the context of York University's film production program. The film is about drug and sex addiction and schizophrenia presented in metaphors


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Short glance

A boy and a girl meets on the tram and the only thing between them is their phones. Even though the stop comes and their paths diverge they meet again in a strange situation. Made for the O.K....


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The Judas

A young priest doubts his faith. A nightly visit brings clarity.


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In a universe called "dNUOB", Kunal lost the watch which is a gift from his sister. Is it his roommate Sanjay, his friend Harsh, his neighbor Madhu, courier girl or the Prodigy who stole it? To find out, he...


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Something is up with the TV... No budget short horror film, inspired by Asian horror movies.


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The Fix

Jo and Will take a detour on date night, only to find themselves in a messy drug pick up. Comedy


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The Briefcase

The Briefcase: Concept Genesis

Actual Facebook conversation:

Luci Doll: Oh boy!  Just seen that someone posted our reviews!  It's so weird that there are people who care what we think! grin emoticon

I've said it a billion times, but really, THANKS SO...


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