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It’s Never Too Late

This is a coming of age of story that revolves around a high school football player named Zack who for the most part feels like he's on top of the world, but it wasn't always like that. During senior...


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time and love and I

Amber and William are in a loving relationship. When Amber receives an offer for her job of her dreams, their celebration is short lived - the position is on another continent. William makes a counter-offer, but will it be...


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Delusional Bloody-Mindedness

In this short story, a man is obsessed and increasingly tormented by an elusive and hateful foe. He starts to grow a relentless wild rage that, ultimately, brings him to the deadly duel. The enemy, that this man with persecutory...


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The Trespasser

A man who trespassed a private property is severely hurt by the owner and temporarely abondoned, both bleeding and locked in. Absolutely unexpected and in a very astonishing and shocking way, things will take a totally different turn. The trespasser not...


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Trying Times

A water infection has spread through the water supply. A group of people are able to survive by drinking water from a clean well.


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When the Potatoes Did Not Grow

When the potatoes from the blight they did not grow And the leaves they wilted and turned black upon the stem And the growing tubers beneath the earth they shriveled Hunger awaited the people who depended on them. To pay the rent for...


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