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Delusional Bloody-Mindedness

In this short story, a man is obsessed and increasingly tormented by an elusive and hateful foe. He starts to grow a relentless wild rage that, ultimately, brings him to the deadly duel. The enemy, that this man with persecutory...


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Fine Cuisines of Maidstone

Meal-themed horror about the tender pleasures and unspeakable terrors of the fine dining scene in Maidstone, Kent. Filmed in and around the streets of Maidstone, 2016.


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The Wood

A man finds himself in a wood. Confused and unsure of how he got there he starts to explore, but all is not as it seems.

Filmed using a Canon 100D camera and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and After...


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Mr Claws

They say that if you have been naughty do not expect a visit from Santa. This is not true. Santa has a naughty list and is working his way down it! Have you been naughty?

Written and directed by James...


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In My Dream… (A Dream Within A Dream)

I decided to mix a video for one of my favorite poem, however not any video, but one with me (surprise!!!). Well, being Valentine Day, I felt doing something..."different" so I took the leap of faith and decided to...


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Blanche Dumas, from B to Z – trailer

A day in the life of a Scream Queen Legend. Short film starring Hetty Baynes Russell and Simon Callow. 


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A collaboration with dancer/diver Linnea Snyderman. Filmed in Los Angeles, April 2016.


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Untitled experimental

A set of miscellaneous experimental footages showing bizarre movements of various house sundries.


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The Briefcase

The Briefcase: Concept Genesis

Actual Facebook conversation:

Luci Doll: Oh boy!  Just seen that someone posted our reviews!  It's so weird that there are people who care what we think! grin emoticon

I've said it a billion times, but really, THANKS SO...


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