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The Wood

A man finds himself in a wood. Confused and unsure of how he got there he starts to explore, but all is not as it seems.

Filmed using a Canon 100D camera and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and After...


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Mr Claws

They say that if you have been naughty do not expect a visit from Santa. This is not true. Santa has a naughty list and is working his way down it! Have you been naughty?

Written and directed by James...


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Mr White

A man moves into a new home only to discover that he is not alone. He finds something that had been hidden away for a reason.

Filmed on Canon 100D.

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Just In Time

A young and eccentric inventor decides to travel back in time to reach the girl he loves


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The Trespasser

A man who trespassed a private property is severely hurt by the owner and temporarely abondoned, both bleeding and locked in. Absolutely unexpected and in a very astonishing and shocking way, things will take a totally different turn. The trespasser not...


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Shot this in one day. The only trouble during production was doing takes inbetween people mowing their lawns. I wanted to make a short that would reflect those kind of bad situations you and your friends found yourselves in...


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