Short glance

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  • Created: November 14, 2016
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Short glance

A boy and a girl meets on the tram and the only thing between them is their phones. Even though the stop comes and their paths diverge they meet again in a strange situation.

Made for the O.K. Film Fest and the SJCAM competition.

Boy – Maxi Szili
Girl – Laura Antal

Writer: Maxi Szili
Directed by: András Márkus and Maxi Szili
Producer: Maxi Szili
Executive producer: András Márkus
Director of Photography: Róbert Radványi
Drawer: Maja Kamuthy
Thanks: Svarczné Micheller Erzsébet, Földes Artúr, Buncsák Piroska, Rónyai Tünde


Sponsors: Árpád Média, Árpád Tudásközpont, Old FM
Studio: AM films


Brought to you by szm productions.

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