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Garrotober: Episode 1

Deuce to 7's homage to the garrote. Still the best way to kill a man on screen.


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Trying Times

A water infection has spread through the water supply. A group of people are able to survive by drinking water from a clean well.


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Halloween Massacre (Grittylyfmusic short film)

a Teen Goes On A Killing Spree On Others That Played A Bad Trick On Him. The Music Was Made By An Artist, Nobi From "Gritty LYf Music" Group. Its Also A Soundtrack Off Halloween Massacr. You Can Download...


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Moromiya The Soulmate

Roshni is suffering from acute renal failure. She is worried about her six year old girl Jhilmil. As there is no one to take care of her after her death. She is desperate to find a shelter for her...


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A poetic peice revealing how I feel about the issue of rape


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Something is up with the TV... No budget short horror film, inspired by Asian horror movies.


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The Handicapped Handycam experimental

experimental short video, was made in 2012


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A deaf woman and her boyfriend are terrorized out in the middle of nowhere.


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Lily and the Revolution

Watch the trailer for short film Lily and the Revolution! 

An idyllic English village is the last place you would expect a Marxist revolution.

Lily is a young, adventurous girl with a taste for the outdoors. Her current motives, fueled by her...


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