WARNING Mental Warzone WMW

The way I see it some of got punchlines incrypted on our souls.

Im no different from the others but what seperates me is my obsession with achieving my goals.

ive been sprinkled with stardust, mother nature probably looking down at my roots and saying oh Lord look what i started,

and when i get the same chance I would look at my roots and say oh Lord look where I started.

Im confusing and amusing at the same time,No confuse him and im using this as my time.

I got these haters praying for Sunshine…

I hope she gets better i really do, Sunshine…

but for the mean time, you can stick that hipocriticy in a place where the SUN dont SHINE.

Excuse me for splitting you apart SUNSHINE.

Excuse me for using you as much as I do Sunshine.

but soon youll be better and back in my life Sunshine.

Just hoping this weather will improve Sunshine.

IM tired of DISSAPOINTING you.

I mean …

Im tired of DISS and POINTING at you.

I mean…

Im tired yes THIS A POINT(dissapoint) you making.

I mean.

Im tired no THIS A POINT(dissapoint) you taking.

Why judge me for having a conversation with STORMY, nothing happened SUNSHINE


Look me and Sunshine have been going through STORMY weather.

Talked to Sunshine the other day hoping to make things better.

I told sunshine IM better than better, I just need more money in my bank account,

since im HIP HOPs new treasure.

I told Sunshine my gift is bigger than me, dont praise me Sunshine, Just give my due Sunshine, dont praise me Sunshine, I just want to hear the truth Sunshine.

Truth is the weather forecast only predicts SUNSHINE!!!

WARNING Mental Warzone  WMW

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