Someday i’ll be

a big old man with them big old eyes and you will be laughing at me with your big old mouth and your big ol heart or we’ll be taking slow walks with your wrinkled hands in mine i’ll hold you under a thousand lights yeah

Someday there will be little mes and little yous and they will be chasing their dreams falling in and out of love or maybe making mistakes and learning from their wrongs little wonder of what life may hide


oh la la la la la oh la la la la la la la

oh la la la la la la la la


Someday you’ll care a little less of how u look and i’ll be kissing your head telling you you’re beautiful and you will be turning all red cus you know i tell the truth little thunders cant keep us awayyyyyyy

Someday there’ll be worn out lungs and tired hearts and you’ll be staring at me holding me in your embrace and i’ll be smilling softly cus i know you’ll be right here…through the rainy and sunny dayssss…


oh la la la

la la

oh la la la la la la la

oh la la la la la lala la    (*2)

Someday there’ll be little mes and little yous….


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