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Wondering If ill ever reach my climax, and I aint talking about that small town in Georgia.

Edward Jenner would have been alive if he used my antidote nostalgia.

These rappers infected with small pocks, these rappers be dissing with microscopic c#cks.

Dora the explora about to find out that she dont know what her backpack and swiper the fox are

doing behind of her back.

Hate to be the one to break it to you homes, youre so dissapointing.

These amateurs be dissing and pointing.

I somehow never stop to reply, 2 busy grinding.

IM the Budha with the mystic handsigns, using no paraschute when im skydiving.

When time curses all things, I thank my heavenly Lord im timeless.

These rappers nowadays claiming their the best but their using slogans to get fans like kill em with kindness.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, I evicted the sponge always late with his payments.

So recently, im focusing more on longevity, To me thats my latest priority, no soul can deny my ability.

Cleaning up the game with life bouy spelled correctly, but I guess thats life boy,

never believe the hype boy, but being this good got me hyped boy.

I think people need to see me on slikour on life, idea bumped in my head that im slicker in life.

Got so many Bars could spit a 16 by the roll of a dice.

Im Barney your the kids running around im that nice.



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