Mind puzzled

Youve seen sh*t I can see it in your eyes.

your missing someone, theyre watching over you from the skies.

what fascinates me is your ability to smile.

smiling…I havent done that in a while

Lost in this Amason, Life is an Amazon.

Who ever bothered to give a f#ck about Megatron.

When he was condemned in the dark, when they pierced a sword through his spark.

A sword through his heart.

Who ever made humans God, deciding whose just and whose not, deciding whose got and who does not.


Stuck between heaven and earth, stuck between death and birth, stuck between action and word, stuck

between the shepherd and the heard. My mind  puzzled, during my life hustle, I just got so accustomed,

that I have lost vision, I wonder whats different, Is it my ambitions or is it the side effects of lifes ass whippings.

But I keep on developing my talent knowing that one day, they will just have to listen.

This was never my decision. This talent is God given, guess im just paying my dues, to one day show my Gods living.

Guess im just a sinner on a Divine mission, journey far from over but its tiring crossing this long distance.


( chorus )

I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

Live on my knees.

I just cant stop thanking the lord for giving me the keys.

So im using the keys.

Just another sinner like everyone I know is.

I know is.

God bless my soul, I just dont wanna miss.

God bless my soul im reaching towards this.


Mind puzzled

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