Disecting skeletons

EYE told SKELETON, we have a BONE to pick.

Read the charges on the SPINAL COLUMN, EYE then decided to limit his movements.

So EYE locked him away in a RIB CAGE.

Gave him 13-15 years, and by that AGE, PUBERTY was being assigned his first case.

LIMBS was well connected, BRAIN protected by SKULL and CRANIUM.

The gang was even in cahoots with HIP JOINTS, Puberty knew they were INDIGESTING HIPS JOINTS.

Had to move their location, we moved every member to a different BLOOD CELL.

The BONE EYE picked was HUMERUS about it when he got the intell.

EYE could feel it in his BODY, this new SYSTEM was making them NERVOUS.( nervous system )

Being the judge EYE had to DE-LIVER his verDICt (lol), but SKELETON still needed to BLADDER out

his unborn kids needs (KIDNEYS), We found matching DNA on the KIDS KNEES ( KIDNEYS ).

Skeleton was happy he was about to be sentenced to LIFE…… ( a skeleton is not alive so it would be happy if it was made alive )

The claims SKELETON made was HEART WARMING or was it a HARD WARNING, EYE could hEAR  his VOICE breaking.


The  defence ( WHITE BLOOD CELLS ) called their final witness to the STAND. TOMB RAIDER (ironic)

She had always been SKELETONS leaning SHOULDER.

She said there was a connection between SHOULDER and BALL and SOCKET JOINT. ( JOINT in this case being a surname )

They were in connection with selling and GROWING FIXED JOINTS.

EYE then had the evidence EYE needed to pull some HAMSTRINGS>>>>AAAH DELICIOUS

Disecting skeletons

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