Life as a lone Night Auditor at the Love Inn Hotel is precious for someone of my personality and character that is misanthropic thus quite independent. The Night Audit shift is usually quiet with hardly any guests to worry of which is perfect because I can do my work. No, not just the usual job duties; for I am also a Musician known as The First Mystical One Man Band that sounds like the rhythm of Dracula’s heart which takes up a lot of social media and marketing duties. There is a lot to do when trying to become a rockstar! Doing both can be tedious as the usual job duties are at more priority while on the job but that doesn’t slow me down none.

While trying to update status on social media sites, one guest calls the front desk for a towel. Afterward, between the midst of another call and updating social media sites, a pop up on astral projection arrives. Interested, I look into it. Then another call asked for a pillow. Then another call for a blanket. Then another call for some forks and plates from the breakfast room. Then another, another, and another; the calls from this one guest just would not stop. Annoyed, a sly plan has been conjured. When the phone rang again, I simply informed the guest that the Housekeeping Department will look into it which may take up to forty five minutes. Upon hanging the phone up, immediately I lay in the bed of a dark and quiet vacant room fully focused and soon entering into a meditative state, so light and floating. I am a ghost going to his room. I pulled out an axe from the Maintenance room and continued the mission when suddenly the storm outside takes out the lights.

The diminishing sounds of the lobby television and the ice machine became a deafening silence of horror as thoughts began to wander in the dark. Not a hint of a soul in sight anywhere inside nor outside the Love Inn Hotel during this bleak blackout moment.

I feel my way and count the rooms to find his through this newly remodeled hotel that is now a more modern circulatory architecture. I finally have approached the man laying in perfect stature of murdering position. Before any chances of him waking up, the axe is quickly plunged into his chest then pulled out with all my might throwing blood over the shoulder from the blade. Now another time, though stabbed through the neck in certainty of his death giving a shower of blood. This was definately a messy task!

The generator finally kicked on and the lights have filled the hotel having now the mind wander through its sanity in hopes that all this was just a dream for these eyes now know something more horrifying than meets the deepest, darkest fears that can be found in anyone’s grand imagination. It was my very own body. Thine existence now doomed eternal to wander these hotel walls.

… this story became legendary as children sing:

Have you heard the Hallow One,

he made sacred, Halloween fun.

he killed himself, killing someone.

Now he’s after you and me,

looking for a body for his soul to be.

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