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Early in the morning

lioness and cubs, acrylic on board

canvas prints available


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Cape Buffalo

acrylic on board

canvas prints available


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Purple arums

acrylic on canvas

canvas prints available


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The King

lions head, acrylic on board

canvas prints available


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Leopard stalking

acrylic on board

prints available


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A Flower for Gran

16x20" Acrlic on Canvas. Original has sold; however, prints are still available. Prices are based on size plus add-ons such as framing plus shipping. This painting is dedicated to my Grandmother who continues to inspire and aid me through...


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Bits of my art work.. 


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Pet Portraits.

Private commissions done for clients. A variety of mixed media but many pencil tone and coloured pencil work.


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Projects in paint.

Commissions or personal projects based on whatever was inspiring me at that given time. Mostly acrylic on canvas.


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Pencil Work – Miscellaneous projects.

Taking my pencils and brain for a stroll...


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