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This is actuaslly three Fractals intermixed into one piece.


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Gator Headshot

One of two Gators I encountered floating close by each other. Could have been a male and female, not sure, I did not check them. f/7.1, 1/60, 70mm Yes I was that close.


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Off The Tower2

Standing on top of a water tower, I got the aerial landscape. The Tower was still under construction, and was dealing with 30-50 mile an hour winds. I had permission, and wore a teither while up there; 100 feet...


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Acrylic on Canvas 1840 x 1840 mm (2013) 


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Botanical and Decorative Art

Original artwork is mostly watercolor and pen-and-ink on paper. Botanicals include flowers, fruits and vegetables.  Decorative art includes calligraphic alphabets, names and individual letters, plus imaginative abstracts.  Museum quality giclée prints and high-qulaity ceramic tiles are also available.


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Black and White Fashion Picture


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