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Portrait of Alfred Lord Tennyson

I found a photo o a public domain photo of Alfred Lord Tennyson on wikipedia.  I felt a connection with photo and felt compelled to paint it.


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‘The impact of mass consumerism on the environment is the theme for Flor Baradi’s series of artworks entitled ‘Flotsam, jetsam and then some’. Baradi’s large-scale illustrations of mutated animals of vaguely Lovecraftian origin:  a bottle-winged crocodile, a chair-finned...


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Desolation of beach

The beach which witness so much excitemnt, happiness, joy and all different aspects of life during day time and it all ends with the sun setting with more and more people leaving, the vendors, the balloons, the kids, the families...


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Lighthouse on Ocean Cliffside

A lighthouse overlooks rough waters on the cliff of an inlet. The lighthouse stands regal and guarding on the cliff with no other pretties around. We too can stand regal in the face of adversities or even in the...


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Drakaina (Dra-cane-ah)

A young dragon learning to use fire. You have fire inside too - let it out! I felt the passion of the heat inside of me and in the expression of the dragon when the talent was conquered. This...


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Will you walk into my parlour

This artwork rendered in indian ink on canvas is based on the idea that plants do not live sedentary lives. They appear silent and passive to us but they do the same things that animal or humans do. They deceive...


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T Transformation

Somewhat literal piece

If you're interested in a custom-made piece, you can let me know in any of the URLs above :)


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Purple Hamsa

Light purple for the crown chakra imparting gentle wisdom and spiritual awareness. The curves and curls show that energy can collect or flow. We decide how it moves.


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