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Nest 2

I made this illustration for a private channel for their show. This was my best illustration. First I searched the nests of different birds and then selected to design the best. I learned a lot from this project.

Christinia Gazzara...


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The Blue Bay (3)

Oil painting on canvas 50x60 cm. More info on


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Abstract landscape

Abstract acrylic painting on canvas 60x80 cm. More info on


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Man's best friend!

What if they were able to turn it around?

Would man realise how mean man can be and how greed is a degenerative state?

All this images were created while in prison while being dissapointed about mankind and the...


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Plant Still Life

Price: $70.00

If you're interested in this piece or a custom-made plant/flower piece, contact me at :)

Size options...

1) 8" x 10" - $45

2) 9" x 12" - $55

3) 12" x 16" - $75

4) 16" x 20" - $100

Ships worldwide...


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The Middle Kingdom

These  paintings are parts of an ongoing series of works titled ‘The Middle Kingdom’, which are all pieces inspired by the sights and history of China, where I am currently based. I find China to be particularly evocative in...


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Surrealistic still life 2

Painting in mixed media on board. More info on


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