Beachside Exchange

Beachside Exchange

As the title suggests, ‘Beachside Exchange’ lays bare the purity, charm and the beauty of our natural environment. It is a realistic composition of a beach scenery. The colour combination is dominated by blue and green hues. The painting pays tribute to nature’s purity with the depiction of the sea, sky, cloud, coconut trees, bush and sandy ground as natural phenomena that coexist in a world of peace, harmony and mutual consolation. The artwork reminds one of the wonderful feeling that comes when encountering something new that is amazing, amusing and beautiful. On the other hand, it evokes a feeling of loss in a strange environment. The seascape painting functions both as a mirror and as a lens. In this beach, we see both the space we occupy and ourselves as we occupy it. Thus, the painting composition is a seesaw of human perception and the interventions firmly linked to space, time and site specific experiences. Such experiences are epitomized by mysteries, intrigues and the wonders of nature. There is much more to life and the universe than many of us might think! There are greater realities out there, in the infinity of space that are beyond our imagination!!!

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