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Love be supportive and love writing music love reading and drawing attention


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Fall In

Available from iTunes: 'Fall In' is the lead single from The Moth Lantern's debut album 'Light Waves'    Video by Orange Media ( Fall In © The Moth Lantern 2014 Recorded by Tom Robinson Jason Rungapadiachy - Vocals,...


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~Show Me No Scrubs~

I do not own any copyrights of the original song or instrumental beat. The instrumental beat is "Show Me" Produced by DJ Mustard. The song is by TLC called "No Scrubs"  I can just take credit for mixing the...


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Never die poor

Song by Mentaniu. Label: Rampiet Studio. Song released februsry 22 2016. song title: Never die poor. Refuse to die poor. We are all with thr ability to fight for own freedom in finance. we control our destiny. Just keep grindig


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Produced by the beat smith


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Cypher 2016

This track is a freestyle cypher from Blacke


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