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Family Finger Debates


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Nezni Dalibor – Zauvek

Animated music video for serbian rock band Nežni Dalibor. We used 2D animation and we worked on it for more than 15 months. 

Staff Drawing, animation, 3D modeling: Dragan Jovanović, Animation, 3D modeling, motion graphics, visual effects: Vladan Djiri Vasiljević Edited, written and...


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This is one of my first tryouts in animation. I'm getting used to After Effects just recently, and this is one of my works. I focused on making gifs first, as they're easy to do because they're only 2-3 seconds...


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Bounty Hunters – Preview

I coloured background art for this show.


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Finger Family Gone Wrong

Fun with Premier Pro!!!


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Space Oddity My 3D animated film about space

This is my own 3D animated ten minutes long film. I been working on this alone for 6 months. Everything done by me in Blender 3D


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Space Oddity My animated film about space

This is animated film i been working alone for 6 months. Everything done by me in Blender 3D


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Kobe Bryant vs Father Time

Created, written, voiced and produced


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