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With english subtitles! The hungarian title is "Természet".

Made for the OKTF NHI Film Competition in 2016.

"This film is about THE NATURE. I tried to collect everything what I've known and felt about the nature in a 1 minute short film. I used for this project only my narration, titles in the film and my own footage. So I hope you will enjoy it! In association with Old FM."

Created by: Maxi Szili
Special thanks to: Flávia Szili, #OldFM


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On the official channel of OKTF NHI:
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Director, producer: Maxi Szili
Director of photography: Maxi Szili, Flávia Szili
Actor, narrator: Maxi Szili
Executive producer: Flávia Szili

Studio: Old FM
Studio's YouTube channel:

All the images and sounds are legal!
All rights reserved – 2016 – Maxi Szili

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