Paper and Paint Retro Art Creative Designs

Paper and Paint Retro Art Creative Designs

Paper & Paint freelancer designer graphic designer , February 2008,  was a well-known South African  local freelancer graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs. Rand was educated at the South Western Collage (Gorge Tabo), Located in Dube Vocational  (2007- 2009)and the . He was one of the originators of the Hope Collection Shoes design. From 2012 to now, and beginning again in 2016, He designed many posters and corporate identities, including the logos for Paple Apple, Good Times Imbizo, Nkanyezi, 59 wedding Invitations  Entertainment House241 and Hope Collection.

Paper and paint is a modern Art and designer, truly multi-disciplined with equal skill and enthusiasm for simple, original creativity and traditional print branding, web, digital and social media, film and editing  We plan each project strategically and demonstrate an integrated marketing approach that makes best use of appropriate marketing channels to gain the most cost-effective results.

We design everything with intelligence and attention to detail, we love to be conceptual and thought provoking creating the ‘clever’ moment when you first see a piece of advertising. We do all this with a passion for creativity a mind for excellence and a heart for the environment. In short, our mantra, creatively inspired… naturally.

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