Fadrian Bartley

What We Do

INTIMATE WAREWOLF       The hand that unravel my soul in the dark I lay on a bed and my legs spread apart How could I be afraid when the feeling was just a start? Submissive trance never to depart   The heavy breathing monster in my face With craving desire I willfully embrace His lips on my breast is an amazing grace With circulating fingers in my sensitive place   The beast which lay on top of my bed, Upon my flesh it has being fed I began to fear what lies ahead That I may be sleeping with the undead   Legs crossed and our lip are sealed I was breathless when I feel love heals A body of evidence that love is real And the passion it contain when it reveal   Desire burn between the sheets With a length of love between my feet I prepared a body so the ware wolf could eat Until I collapse and went to sleep    

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